Vertical Gardens


Vertical gardens add beauty to both urban areas as well as residential homes. These gardens can be found within the smallest inner city yard, as well as the large, urban architectural structures. The concept is simple: Grow your yield upwards, vertically, instead of using valuable ground space. The lush and lovely green ivy one sees making its way up buildings, is one form of vertical gardening, and probably the most familiar. Others include plants that require stakes, trellises or fencing to grow. However, there is another method of vertical gardening which uses plants that do not normally grow upwards. Instead, their ‘ground’ is actually fencing, walls, ladders, and even entire buildings.


Vertical Garden’s of Milan, Italy


Designed by Stefano Boerl, the vertical forest of Milan is a successful attempt at creating a sustainable residential building. By utilising vertical gardening in this fashion means that the increase of urban reforestation is on the rise. This brand of vertical gardening is designed to assist in clearing the air of pollutants, as well as providing free or low-cost food for residents. Vertical gardening is becoming a reality in China as well, as the Vertical Forest or the Nanjing Green Towers is currently under construction. The Nanjing Green Towers are expected to help reduce the city’s pollution problem and are scheduled for completion in 2018.


Making Your Own Vertical Garden


Whether you have a large yard or a simple apartment porch, vertical gardening can help you maximise your yield. Vertical gardening allows you to be creative in a cost efficient manner. For example, the vertical gardener like may choose to hang rows of terracotta pots, bursting with greenery along a fence, or use an old shoe organiser, and stuff it with herbs. Even old furnishings, such as an ancient chest of drawers, can be stocked with cabbages, carrots and radishes. Individuals have also created beautiful vertical gardens by taking used, 1 litre plastic soda bottles, and turning them into gorgeous vertical gardens. Indeed, the form your vertical gardens take are limited only by your imagination and space.



As can be seen, vertical gardens can be architectural wonders used to increase urban reforestation, or functional and lovely backyard escapes. The vertical garden gives the home gardener the freedom to create absolutely gorgeous displays with very little investment, as one can utilise step ladders, furnishings, soda bottles, fencing and walls to lay the framework for fantastic displays.